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SANGA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: Build a 3 Classroom Block 

To build a three classroom block as existing structure dilapidated. 149 Pupils Cost £32600.  

Sanga  JHS - project is to build a three classroom block- near Nyankyala. 

Sanga is situated off the Tolon road. It is in the district of Sagnarigu where the population is high. The community made a simple mud structure for the Primary children in 2005. This was replaced in 2009 when the village was given a good, 6-room primary school. The villagers already saw that a Junior High was essential so used the crumbling and dilapidated mud structure for this. It did a god job but collapse is imminent.  

This project is both urgent and essential. There are 149 Junior High students with no realistically reachable other JHS. This means that, if the school has to close, almost every girl will have to return to work in the home e.g. caring for siblings, carrying water, roadside trading. Some of the boys will be able to live in more distant villages, but many of these will simply drop out of education. 

A real Junior High School in Sanga will cut off the unfortunate hardships these students encounter and, importantly, enable more girls to continue their education post primary. In Junior High they will be taught to the level they need to be entered for examinations. These first exams open the door to Senior High then to employment or higher education and training. 

Communities across Northern Ghana, supported by the Imams and tribal chiefs have reached a dramatic turning point in their attitude to education for girls and women. This is remarkable for villages where education is still a new concept and where the fate of most Muslim girls was sealed at birth when they were betrothed to marry on first menstruation. 

For the remote communities, however, this has caused considerable distress. They are so far from the notice of eg politicians and influencers that finding the support they need to improve education is impossible.  ‘Wulugu Project’ is seen as their only hope. We want to offer real opportunities, particularly for the girls, for children to complete the examinations that are essential. 

This is a truly transformational project. 

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