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Wulugu Project has worked in the most inaccessible districts of Northern Ghana for 20 years. We work in partnership with local communities, chiefs and across religious groups to reduce poverty through education. Focusing our efforts on girls and women’s access to education, we have more than quadrupled the numbers of girls in the schools we support. By building or renovating over forty schools, and opening six Vocational Training Institutes for Girls, Wulugu Project has enabled many tens of thousands of young people and their families to have greatly improved futures. Our support continues after formal education, through micro loans enabling women to set up businesses, thus supporting their families.

As a ‘small’ charity, Wulugu Project is unable to access the funding it deserves from larger donors or from the British or Ghanaian governments. We are proud to have the strong and loyal support of individuals, schools, companies and Trusts worldwide. Those who help us appreciate that 98% of our income is spent directly on projects in Ghana. Run by an experienced team of volunteers (UK and Ghana), We employ no staff in the UK or Ghana but do provide much needed incomes for local people who help us with building schools, or making desks for example. Our firm non-corruption stance, together with the trust  the local people put in us, enables us to build schools at a quarter of the cost others pay.

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