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To build a 6 room Primary School, store/teacher room and toilets. 400 Pupils

Cost £49,000    

This school is situated in the Kumbungu district of North Ghana,in the village of Nwogu. The school was built by the A.M.E Zion Church. It has a population of 265 pupils excluding a Nursery and KG population of 165 children. It consists mainly of metal sheets on supports. The Primary school is totally inadequate. Currently the Nursery and KG occupy three Classrooms.  Primary one to four are combined in a three classroom block leaving Primary Five and six learning under make shift structure by the community 

We have been very impressed by the high quality of teaching here and strongly support the local villages who want a proper school so that all their post primary children can be educated. They are concerned that, in their enthusiasm, they ‘opened, a Junior High School. Currently the Class of 2019 group of the Primary six are now in JHS 1 with a population 41 JHS students without a classroom. 


Urgently, a 6-room Primary school is needed to accommodate primary one – six. Then the Nursery, KG and Junior High can, for now, use the temporary structures put up by the PTA. They also, as all schools do now, want toilets. (School toilets are still a relatively new concept) The District Chief Executive has pledged to build toilets if we build the school. 

Building Is Underway March 2022

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