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JULY 2022




Until she sadly died,12 years ago, one of our staunch supporters helped us loyally and got to really understand our work.  After that, her husband  stepped in and took over where his wife had left off. He became a greatly valued critical friend. He thought deeply about our work and seemed to find the right questions to ask to strengthen our activities. He has never visited Ghana but developed considerable empathy for the communities we help---with a down-to-earth and realistic appraisal of the realities of the situation. He has been, and is, an invaluable friend.

Last Christmas he decided to do more himself rather than leaving it to others.  Now the school at Dalun that he has built in memory of his lovely wife is a flourishing reality.

We can never, ever, thank him enough. But we are certain that his wife  would be more than proud of him for really digging in,taking control, and getting something done that would not have happened for a very long time without his determination.

There were almost 500 children without any classrooms. They had lessons under trees when the weather allowed. But it often did not allow. The 12 teachers did their best but often any teaching was impossible. 8 of the teachers are female, providing encouraging role models for the girls. Despite the lack of classrooms, the government had designated this as a special school for science/ICT and provided 2 specialist teachers who could only do their best in discouraging conditions.

Now everything has changed. There were great celebrations at the opening with a ceremonial ribbon being cut by a young girl. See photos HERE

New Primary School At Kanshegu

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How the bore holes have helped Ghana

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Shoes on their way to our remote communities. We had an amazing promise of 2,000 pairs of trainers and school shoes from Shoe Aid.( Many of our school children, particularly girls, have no shoes for the very long, rough walk to school. The girls also have to make longer walks now to find clean water. The Icing on the cake was a terrific offer from Samamiah Shipping Enterprises 

( )

They will not only collect from Nottingham and ship to Ghana but carry them all the way to Northern Ghana. Once there, our team will distribute them to the neediest. We look forward to sharing photos with you!

JUNE 2021 - Desks at Cheshugu and Wayamba

JUNE 2021 - Desks at Cheshugu and Wayamba

JUNE 2021 - Desks at Cheshugu and Wayamba

We built Cheshugu last year but the opening was delayed as most schools were shut for a year. Now we have desks there too, thanks to Stephen Palmer’s legacy. Stephen and his partner Eileen have helped us almost from the very start. We are so privileged. Wayamba was our completely re-built new school, (with help from CSRC). The local M.P. was able to provide desks here. The increasing input we have from local people really encourages us and we hope it will lead to more support. We are a small charity

with a mammoth task and need all the help we can find.

Both of these schools were handed over to Ghana Education Service (GES) in February.2021. GES recruit and pay teachers and take full responsibility for running and care of the schools. But local education funding is limited and rarely includes desks.

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