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Thank You From Chief  For Clean Water 


On behalf of my elders, the women and children of Gbulung Nyoring, I would like to send our deepest appreciation to Wulugu Project and the donors who have gone out of their way to bring us life. Water is life and for anyone to give you water he has solved life’ s meaning and we are most grateful.

We have had other NGOs drill in our village on eight occasions and never had water. When you came and we told you of previous attempts which failed, you assured us that this is our time to get the water because you work differently and will follow all the processes that will lead you to the right source and truly to your word, on the day of drilling, you hit water in twenty minutes and the joy it has brought to us and burden it has lifted from us cannot be explained.

Now we can count ourselves among human beings as we also in our life time can give testament that we have tasted good drinking water and no more struggle with animals for water. Our children and grandchildren will no longer fall sick with infections from the dugout water we drink.

Our women will now have the luxury for cooking with clean water and will no longer spend precious time carting water from the dug out for their domestic chores and family maintenance and the children will also be repaired early for school. Once again, I am most grateful to you for your selfless service and most importantly the quality of work you have done for us. May you continue to prosper and wish you long life to continue to serve humanity. We are most grateful and hope you will look our way again. Thank you and best wishes for the future.

Chief Naa Abdulai II


Where is Wulugu?

The Northern Region where we work was the largest in Ghana. It is now divided into 3 : North, Savannah and North-East regions.

We now work with hundreds of villages across the Northern Region (the largest and most challenging region of Ghana), but we have kept our original name “The Wulugu Project”.  Over 60% of the population live in poverty, but with the Projects' support, the quality of life, especially for girls and women is improving.

The Wulugu Project works in North Ghana to tackle poverty through education

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What does Wulugu Project do in Ghana?

Our Ghana team reviews the requests from villagers for new schools or improvements / repairs to older buildings or desks. They submit their thoughts and costings, which the U.K. committee consider and then seek funding. When fully funded, the money is sent directly to our bank in Tamale and spent immediately to complete the specific task.

We build primary, junior high and vocational schools plus hostels to keep the girls safe while they study. Teachers accommodation, toilet blocks, water storage tanks etc. are also often added to the list in order that the schools function efficiently. Systems of microloans-loans to village women and graduates enable the women to make full use of their opportunities. It is calculated that we have improved the lives of over 400,000 girls.

Wulugu Project has been overwhelmed by the generosity of donors , big and small which has enabled us to build 38 boreholes to date , and protect thousands of lives and livelihoods.



March 2022