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The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education

The Wulugu Project

Where is Wulugu?

Wulugu is a village in the far north of Northern Region of Ghana, extremely remote and difficult to reach by road. We now work with hundreds of villages across the Northern Region (the largest and most challenging region of Ghana), but we have kept our original name “The Wulugu Project”.  Over 60% of the population live in poverty, but with the Projects support, the quality of life, especially for girls and women is improving.

What does Wulugu Project do in Ghana?

Our Ghana team reviews the requests from villagers for new schools or improvements / repairs to older buildings or desks. They submit their thoughts and costings, which the U.K. committee consider and then seek funding. When fully funded, the money is sent directly to our bank in Tamale and spent immediately to complete the specific task.

We build primary, junior high and vocational schools plus hostels to keep the girls safe while they study. Teachers accommodation, toilet blocks, water storage tanks etc. are also often added to the list in order that the schools function efficiently. Systems of microloans-loans to village women and graduates enable the women to make full use of their opportunities.

It is calculated that we have improved the lives of over 400,000 girls.





What is Wulugu?

The Wulugu Project

The Wulugu Project was founded in 1993 by Lynne Symonds, a science teacher and wife of a Norfolk farmer. It developed out of a chance meeting between Lynne and Karimu Nachina at a Science Conference. Lynne was amazed to hear about the problems faced with educating girls in the Northern area of Ghana and returned to Norfolk, determined to try and help Karimu, the headmaster of a new school.

Initially the fundraising was to help Wulugu Secondary School, hence the charity’s name. After providing books for the school, a hostel was built for 120 girls from the surrounding area to keep them safe at school. Twenty years ago few girls were educated at all and the figures showed that only 5% of women in Ghana could read or write.

Read our Impact Report to see how The Wulugu Project is helping the people of Ghana - Wulugu Project - Impact Report

Quote from a Chief,

“Education is to be valued. Sell your cattle to send your children to school. Cattle can be replaced but not the children”

A very wise and brave man.  

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Conservatively, in the past 23 years, we have helped over 400,000 of some of the poorest in the world to overcome the endemic poverty and deprivation - all for a few pounds per child.

Our buildings - new and renovated - are approaching a hundred. Schools … hostels for teachers … hostels for girls and so many toilet blocks! Plus income-generating loans ... and desks ... and libraries ... and computers. The list of our achievements is long but there is still much to do. See the insert to the newsletter for the villages in desperate need of WULUGU help.

Our involvement has always been about working closely with those who want to help themselves and their children to break free from poverty. Our deep friendships with the locals are not based on donor/recipient relationships - things would not work as well as they do if this were the case. But these friendships enable us to really understand what is needed and what is possible as well as enriching the lives of all who volunteer to help WULUGU to work.

Many thanks to you all

Lynne Symonds (Neesim Poanaba)