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The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education



Our WULUGU supporters are simply the best.

It is so important to us that you all recognize just how valuable your help is to our work. You have made it possible to build new schools and to renovate those in danger of collapse. You have provided desks, equipment for girls in our Vocational Schools, toilets, teacher accommodation, pupil hostels and in-service training for teachers. You have given loans for women, who live beyond poverty, so that they can set up businesses and generate income to send all their daughters to school as well as their sons.

Please read the November 2015 Newsletter as it highlights a selection of the results of your kindness and generosity. Our list of achievements is long but there is still much to do.

Many of you have worked particularly hard to help us. We hope that you know that we more than appreciate every pound you raise. The trust you put in us to use your donations well is in many ways as valuable as the money. We do not have professional fundraisers. Finding the funds we need for the wonderful communities we help is just so difficult. But this is also a strength, because those whose lives you transform are very aware that their help has come from truly caring friends.

Lynne Symonds

Tauhidia primary school revisited

In 2006 we visited the new school that we had built at Tauhidia with one of the first teachers blocks.

In 2014 Karimu Nachina revisited Tauhidia to find a flourishing school, but in need of basic maintenance, so it was added to our list. Solomon Nachina and his team returned in May 2015 with the necessary funding to find very good news.

Solomon reported:

“Tauhidia PTA are building a four classroom block to compliment the four classroom block built by WULUGU in 2004. They have temporarily converted some of the original teachers’ quarters into classrooms for the children but have promised to move out for the teachers to occupy once they are able to finish the new block. It is a delight to see that they are helping themselves rather than sitting back waiting for donor sponsorship.”

The work on the original four-roomed school was completed on time and there is every chance that the extra PTA classrooms will be completed this year. Yet another example of the locals helping themselves!

Kokpeng School now open!

After 5 months of construction, hampered by the heavy rains, the new school at Kopeng is now open to 161 girls and boys!

Local MP Displays His Plastering Skills

Local MP Displays His Plastering Skills

Kokpeng Director of Education talking to the pupils

Director of Education talks to the pupils

Another 100 older pupils in the 5th and 6th grades will be joining them soon as they can now move to Kokpeng from the distant school in Nyankpala.

Year 3 starting School

Year 3 starting School

kokpeng ad desks

Guess who provided the desks?