Welcome to the Wulugu Project - Registered Charity Number 1060691

The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education


Larabanga 2 village school is full of students

The School is full of 500 excited pupils that have a ‘school of their own’ for the first time. Previously they shared Larabanga 1, next door, working a shift system. As the days are short, it is dark by 6.00pm, this is very difficult as the ‘afternoon pupils’ had to leave early to get home safely.  There are no street lights here. The new’ Tusk Trust’ classroom adjacent to the head teacher’s office will hopefully give the senior pupils a feeling of responsibility so that they will want to ‘stay in school ‘and attend Junior High School.  To build one in Larabanga is on our wish list.  


Biddick Academy pupils keep the students seated.

After a variety of fundraising events, the pupils have raised over £5000 to support Wulugu Project.  After a discussion with all the students it was decided by them to ‘buy the desks now’ as it is ‘so undignified to have to study sitting on the floor’ rather than keep the money back until they had saved enough, £30,000, to build a whole school.  I know that the pupils at Larabanga much appreciate the Biddick pupils’ decision and generosity.  We are hoping to set up some twinning between the schools so that the pupils can receive real feed back from Ghana.

biddick easter fair 2Biddick Easter fair


 Our first teachers’ accommodation blocks have been renovated.

The teachers’ accommodation blocks at Bowina Sarafiat , Tarabiat and Langbinsi , which are all ‘Overseas’ i.e. beyond the Black Volta  and very inaccessible,  were built in 2005-6 to service the new schools that we had built in the area. We renovated these schools last year with metal doors, new floors, roof and shutter checks and repainting. This year it was the teachers turn.   Their accommodation blocks were refitted. These simple rooms give the lady teachers security and privacy and encourage them to stay in the village.


Lukula classrooms to be renovated 

Karimu Nachina, our man in Ghana, came from the village of Lukula.  Before the building of a bridge in 2008, it was almost inaccessible as it was a 6 hour journey to get there. Karimu had worked with Wulugu Project for 10 years before he mentioned that his village really needed help.  In 2009 we did build three new classrooms there to complement the 3 which had been built in 2000 by the Chinese who had been working in the area.  The Chinese classrooms are in great need of renovation and we are delighted that we have just been granted funds to do this work. Hopefully it can be done immediately so that they will be watertight by July when the rains come.


Golf for Ghana

Charity match at the Royal Norwich Golf Club was cancelled due to lack of support . The good news is that some teams did apply and would have enjoyed a good day’s golf and a delicious meal at a prestigious Norfolk club.  We are sorry that they missed it. Our two major sponsors, Smith and Pinching Financial Services  and a keen member and generous supporter donated their sponsorship direct to Wulugu Project and the Golf club waved their cancellation fee so the event actually raised £650. It was disappointing for everyone who had worked so hard at the club, on the committee and supporters trying to raise teams and find auction lots for the evening.