Welcome to the Wulugu Project - Registered Charity Number 1060691

The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education


Award from Downing Street

The Wulugu Project founder has received a ‘Points of Light’ award from the Prime Minister. This is a great honour and reflects the tremendous work over the years by our teams in Ghana and UK and the strong support from donors. We estimate that it has cost us approximately £6 per head to ensure education for over quarter of a million children. Read the full press release here


A School for Kokpeng Village

We have started building a school with toilets for this very deprived district. Village women are helping. This is a (literally!) ground-breaking project as we have been given funding to build a strengthened building, hoping to delay the normal weather damage and so save money in the long run.


best photo chickens share the school kokpeng bricks anf gravel infront of old school pick axe at the ready

Building at Kokpeng June 2015



Help from Ghana

A Ghanaian charity has helped us in our improvements at Savelugu Vocational school by providing two extra classrooms. The school had suffered two lightening strikes and needed extensive repairs, and we are please that things are now back to normal.

savelugu verandas 2 2015

New classrooms from Ghanaian donor at Savelugu Vocational School


Repairs at Sawla

This vocational school is very over-crowded. The PTA and district assembly have helped with an extra hostel for girls. It needed repairs to some walls, window frames and doors. This is now completed.

savelugu pillar 2015 

The new steel doors that are invincible against termites


Trade Aid

Through Grantham Kesteven Rotary Club, Trade Aid are sending ten more tailoring boxes out for our tailoring department at Sawla. These are incredibly practical, usable and durable. We are so grateful.

trade aid boxes may 2015

Tailoring boxes on their way to Tamale


Biddick Academy, Sunderland

On 27th June students are giving a presentation at an association for Science Education meeting in Sunderland . They will explain about the links between Poverty, Education and Conservation. Biddick sent desks to our school at Murugu, on the edge of Mole Game Reserve

desks may 2015

Biddick Academy’s new desks for Murugu school.


Training for Teachers

We have run the first of a planned series of training sessions for heads, teachers and trainers at our vocational schools. We are hoping to find the funding we need for more of these as they work so well to improve morale and performance.