Welcome to the Wulugu Project - Registered Charity Number 1060691

The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education


Current Projects in  Ghana:

We are at present hoping to broaden our work to tackle poverty around the borders of Mole Game Reserve by improving education. This, in turn, will help to stem the poaching that at present is seen as the only source of food for many communities as many have not had  access to education.

1. Building a hostel for women teachers at Larabanga

Our new building has reduced the numbers of children in each class from 100 to 50. There is little to attract teachers in such a neglected area, but simple rooms will make a real difference.

 2. Constructing a new primary school with toilets at Murugu.

Another difficult to access and extremely neglected community. We have just found funding for this. Work schedules will be governed by the rains.

3. Minor repairs to our vocational schools.

This will avoid large costs later and follows from our recent repairs to most of our schools and teacher blocks. We need funding for this.

 4. Loans for women

 Over 85% of our loans are re-paid with interest. They are managed by the women’s groups. We want to help 100 women at Lukula where we have recently repaired one of the blocks of classrooms.

5. More equipment for practical courses

 The success of our vocational schools could diminish practical opportunities due to lack of equipment. We want to expand practical work in all our schools. We are currently seeking funding for this.

A Generous Gift

 A strong friend of Wulugu has given us a Land Rover! Although not new, this is a work-horse that will deal with the terrible ‘roads’ . We are so very grateful.