Welcome to the Wulugu Project - Registered Charity Number 1060691

The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education

Fundraising Efforts for The Wulugu Project

Over the twenty years that Wulugu has been in operation we have tried fundraising in many different ways. Some have proved more successful than others.

Initially, Hethersett Hall School for Girls organised sending the first parcels of books to Wulugu Secondary School. The committee  followed by shipping  four containerfuls of books, computers, sewing machines etc. to Wulugu in the 1990’s. The logistics of getting the goods to where they were needed in Northern Ghana (see map of area supported) were a nightmare and we decided as a committee that this was  not the best way to help in this remote area. Subsequent collections of money, which is forwarded to our Ghanaian Representative in situ, Karimu Nachina, when he specifies what is required, has been the most economic and safe method of supporting schools and girls education in particular.

(Only 2% of funds raised is spent on administration.)

Events have ranged from:

  • Book Sales (Sponsored by Bertrams, a  Norwich book wholesaler)
  • Bring and Buy/Coffee mornings
  • Concerts Upper Octave and Band  Recitals.
  • Auction of Promises/Wine Tastings
  • Charity days Mannington Hall,
  • Open Day at The Bishop of Norwich’s Garden
  • Fundraiser in a Marque to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.
  • Donations from sale of Poetry  books written by D. Yarham.
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Sponsored pilgrimage to Santiago  di Compostella
  • Marathons
  • Little Melton Quiz

Events in the pipeline:

  • Book and C.D. Sales(various venues)
  • Any other ideas or offers of venue for a fundraiser would be gratefully received.