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The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education

What’s Happening Now?

Last updated October 2018  

Wulugu High School – June 2018

25 years on and now 1,750 students in the school, 750 girls. The library and the girls hostel built by the Wulgu Project.

Lynne with some of the 750 girls in the Wulugu High School Lynne in Full Chieftains dress with the prefects

Tauhidia primary school revisited

In 2006 we visited the new school that we had built at Tauhidia with one of the first teachers blocks.

In 2014 Karimu Nachina revisited Tauhidia to find a flourishing school, but in need of basic maintenance, so it was added to our list. Solomon Nachina and his team returned in May 2015 with the necessary funding to find very good news.

Solomon reported:

“Tauhidia PTA are building a four classroom block to compliment the four classroom block built by WULUGU in 2004. They have temporarily converted some of the original teachers’ quarters into classrooms for the children but have promised to move out for the teachers to occupy once they are able to finish the new block. It is a delight to see that they are helping themselves rather than sitting back waiting for donor sponsorship.”

The work on the original four-roomed school was completed on time and there is every chance that the extra PTA classrooms will be completed this year. Yet another example of the locals helping themselves!

Kokpeng  School now open!

After 5 months of construction, hampered by the heavy rains, the new school at Kopeng is now open to 161 girls and boys!

Local MP Displays His Plastering Skills

Local MP Displays His Plastering Skills

Kokpeng Director of Education talking to the pupils

Director of Education talks to the pupils

Another 100 older pupils in the 5th and 6th grades will be joining them soon as they can now move to Kokpeng from the distant school in Nyankpala.

Year 3 starting School

Year 3 starting School

kokpeng ad desks

Guess who provided the desks?

Kokpeng Women help build their school.

Work is in progress on our new Primary school at Kokpeng. The weather has been unhelpful–storms when we needed dry, dry when we needed water. But the local community are helping where they can.

coming in to school pick axe at the ready
Coming to the old school.                                             Starting their new school.

  New school at Murugu on Mole Game Reserve

We have become aware of the enormous problems at Mole. This is the largest game reserve in Ghana and is in our Northern Region. The communities that were moved from their traditional lands when the reserve was created . They have continued to hunt here–although they are now ‘poaching’ We are doing what we can to reduce poverty and offer alternative ways of earning a living through improving access to and availability of schooling. Murugu is our second Primary school at Mole. It now has toilets. Desks were provided by students at Biddick Academy in Sunderland Initially 300 children and their families are benefitting. Over 10 years this will become 1,000 Long-term, as the children become qualified for employment, at least 10 other adults and children will be lifted from poverty. After 20 years, the total benefitting will be in the region of 20,000 villagers.



murugu kids dec 2014 editdesks may 2015


Murugu is our second Primary School at Mole game  Reserve supplied with desks by Biddick Academy.

Tusk Trust

TUSK, a conservation charity set up following the work of Princess Diana, have supported our work at Mole by providing a classroom at each of our new schools. At Reading University in January, students at Biddick Academy  took part in a presentation about our Mole work to International Science teachers . We are very grateful and look forward to working more closely with TUSK .


As well as three of our vocational schools, we have completed essential repairs to two of our oldest schools, at Tauhidea and


. steel doors and water tank

Repaired school with steel doors and a water tank for drinking water.


   Training for teachers.

Following two very successful pilot training days, we were given funding to begin a course of four 2-day training sessions for teachers, trainers and heads at our seven Vocational schools. The first session, in Tamale in May, was for the heads and deputies. The next, in September, will involve many teachers. Participants find it very helpful to meet with colleagues from other vocational schools and realise they not only have a lot to learn but also a lot to contribute to the training.


Teachers conferring on their presentation.

  Help from local NGO in Ghana

A Ghana-based charity heard about our work in vocational training and visited our school at Savelugu as we were starting the repairs. They realised that we could use more teaching rooms and have paid for two to be built. We are so pleased to have in-country help, it is a reflection of the support that we have from locals as they recognise that we are trying to meet the real needs in the best possible way

. savelugu verandas 2 2015  New Classrooms at Savelugu.


  Loans for Women at Lukula

In memory of our Ghanaian Founder, Karimu Nachina, 50 Lukula women were given income-generating loans. They will use these to develop local enterprises and will be able to afford to send all their children to school as well as feed them well. At the end of the loan period, they will re-pay with interest so that the loans can be passed on to more women.


  Larbanga now has a hostel for Teachers too.

Larabanga primary, our first on the edge of Mole game Reserve, is thriving. Finishing off the toilets presented huge difficulties as the rock was so hard, but we sorted it. Our block for teachers at the school is helping to ensure that teachers attend regularly and stay at the school. There is little to attract teachers to this district and providing accommodation really works.

Handing over at Larabanga teachers dec14

The new Teachers Block being handed over to School.

  Larabanga has a new school.

Our first village school, on the edge of the Mole game park, is overflowing with children, sitting at desks donated by Biddick Academy in Sunderland U.K. Teachers’ accommodation and toilets have completed the package. There are four more schools, on the edge of the park, that need help.

Larabanga School

Larabanga School

  Tolon Vocational School runs taster courses.  

  Having opened at Easter, the vocational school has set up very popular short courses for women in catering, weaving, tailoring and using the computer before the full time courses start, with the new academic year, in September. No time is wasted.

Quote from a Chief,

“Education is to be valued. Sell your cattle to send your children to school. Cattle can be replaced but not the children”

A very wise and brave man.



Lynne in Full Chieftains dress with the prefectsGirls dancing displayDance teacher with DrummersShade for the top tableMen of the village display with drums - June-2018Lynne with some of the 750 girls in the Wulugu High SchoolLarabanga SchoolCookingPilo Students Under Temporary Shelters