Welcome to the Wulugu Project - Registered Charity Number 1060691

The Wulugu Project works in northern Ghana to tackle poverty through education

Anti Bribery Policy – Updated Feb 2013

Unfortunately many recognise that corruption is a part of life in much of the developing world. This increasingly includes Ghana, although less in the North than the South..

Wulugu has, from its inception, taken a very strong stance on this. In the beginning , it was extremely difficult for our local volunteers in Ghana where it is expected that everyone working with or for a NGO has an ‘extra’ income, as well as a good salary. Our volunteers were besieged by family and friends, all expecting a hand-out. This extended to local government personnel who wanted the normal ‘gift’ in return for cooperation.

Our determined stand to overcome this has been highly successful. It has been helped by our deep knowledge of local cultures and communities and has earned respect for ‘Wulugu’ it is well known that we are not a wealthy charity and that we do not have the trappings of the larger bodies.

Now that we have achieved this, we will continue to check that it is maintained. It should be recognised that this may bring conflict. For example, where another charity obtains money to help us but expects to take large parts of this before transferring it to our work. Cases like this require sensitive and sensible consideration and should be referred back to the UK management committee who will, in consultation with the Ghana committee, take the best course of action.

It needs to be recognised that, in cases of small gifts eg for officials who may delay release of vital documents, ‘thank-yous’ are in the long run more productive than the costs of the ensuing delay or obstacles that might follow.